Experience・Knowledge・Connections Among these, people with people connections are the most important   TAKATA MASAHIRO
市議会議員当時の思い出 日々の思いを書き留めて参ります

Birthday 1947 March 16
Height 170cm.
Weight 65kg
Blood Type B
Zodiac Pisces
Hobby Music (Jazz, Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano), Golf
Favorite food Okonomiyaki, Fish
Family Wife:Aiko Son:Daisuke
(Daughter:Nobuko Daughter: Seiko Grand Children ( 6 people)
Piano Tuner
Ibara City Parliamentarian From May 2007, became Parliamentary chairman of Ibara City (23th and 24th)
Limited Company Aiyuukai CEO of Nursing House Cosmos no Sato
Limited Company Eiyuukai CEO of Nursing House Bisei 
Limited Company Fouyu Director of Nursing House Sakura House 
Ibara City Council Career
1993 April First election
1994 May1995April State Committee of Construction Economics
1993 May〜1997 April Committee of Union of Cleaning Facility Assemble
1995 October〜1995 December Special member of Accounting Settlement Review
1995 May〜1997 April Vice chairman of Construction Economics
1997 May〜1999 April Vice chairman of the Congress
1997 May〜2001 April Fire Protection Federation Council Chairman
1998 October〜1998 December Vice chairman of Accounting Settlement Review
1999 May〜2001 April General Affairs and Education Chairman
1999 October〜1999 December Special Chairman of Settlement Review
2001 May〜2003 April Member of Commercial Water Committee
2001 May〜2005 April Vice chairman of Sanwa Tadashi Developement Deputy
2001 May〜2003 April Member of Audit Committee
2003 May〜2005 April Chairman of Waterworks Construction Committee
2005 May〜2007 April Member of General Affairs and Education Committee
2007 May〜2009 May 23th Chairman of National Presidency Council of Industry and Economic
2009 May〜2011 May 24th Chairman of
National Council of Local Administration
National Council of Regional Sovereignty

2011 May〜2013 April  Member of Waterworks Construction Committee
Greatly contribute to the society by doing business in nursing home industry       TAKATA MASAHIRO
Okayama Prefecture Ibara City Iwakura Cho 331-3 Tel:(0866)62-8358 Fax:(0866)62-8367